Turning a High School Dream Into Reality

Sea Blue Company originated at a business accelerator known as Blue Startup Weekend. Daniel attended the event pitching an idea for a website that networked high school internship opportunities in the environmental science fields.

A large team of individuals, including CFO Maura Smith, joined in and helped evolve the idea into an entire industry specific jobs posting website.

The team immersed themselves for 72 hours drafting dozens of business plans. Daniel received an eye opening experience and got to step into the world of entrepreneurship.

The event concluded with Daniel and his team being awarded second place among many other strong business plans. From this point forward, Daniel knew that he had the capacity to turn his aspirations into reality.

Daniel and Maura then teamed up and brought together their many varying talents and contacts to build Sea Blue Company. Around 14% of Startup Weekend Pitches turn into real businesses, and Sea Blue Company is proud to be one of them.