A Spooky Fact! October 30 – 1985: Whydah Wreck Found Off The Coast Of Wellfleet

Think “pirate” and your mind fills with wild thugs from fiction and fancy. But now North America’s only known pirate shipwreck is giving us glimpses of the truth—more complex, more interesting.

The Whydah sank off New England in April 1717. Her captain, “Black Sam” Bellamy, and 143 others died with her. Armed with Whydah clues and informed imaginations, historians have begun speculating about Bellamy’s crew. Pounded by 40-foot waves, the Whydah ran aground, and was battered to bits. This kind of “exploded” wreck is very difficult to recover. In addition, the sea floor off of Cape Cod has a shifting sandy bottom, so the ship and its contents were not only scattered but also buried under 10 to 30 feet of sand. The area is treacherous and over 3,000 ships have gone down there in a 400-year period. The site was also used as a firing range during World War II, adding even more debris to the seabed.

To learn more visit whydah.com/whydah-museum!


Sea Blue Company Loved The Orleans Surf Film Festival!

Orleans Surf Film Festival, Oct 21st & 22nd

Surf’s up in Orleans

Surfers from the Cape and beyond will gather to celebrate the waves and the water on October 21 and 22 at the 4th annual Orleans Surf Film Festival. Held at Hog Island Beer Co. in Orleans, the event brings together both casual and dedicated members of the surfing and board sports community to enjoy films, memorabilia and all things related to the water.

A statement from the Orleans Chamber of Commerce states the festival will be highlighted by a series of feature length and short films about the surfing culture. Award winning films are currently being sourced from around the country and titles will be announced soon.

In addition to movies, the event will feature a gallery of old and new surfboards, photos, newspaper clippings and iconic surfing memorabilia. Hog Island Beer Co. will be transformed into a pop-up surf gallery, showcasing treasured boards from private collections. Last year’s event drew more than 600 people, establishing itself as a unique gathering to share memories and authentic stories about the surfing community.

Attendees will also have an opportunity to win raffle prizes, including a surfboard by Lower Cape shaper Jason Feist of J7 Surfboards, and Shawn Vecchione of Vec Surfboards. Other prizes include an exclusive internship with Fisherman’s Daughter boutique, prize bags from Pump House Surf Shop and much more.

The family-friendly festival will also include locally made short films, and food and beverages. The festival is hosted by The Orleans Chamber Foundation.

“This is a celebration of our waters and the importance of the ocean and water sports to the Cape’s community,” said Noelle Pina, Executive Director of The Orleans Chamber Foundation. “You don’t have to be a surfer to enjoy this event, you just need to have an appreciation for the sea!”

The Orleans Surf Film Festival takes place from 5:30 PM – 10:30 PM on Friday October 21 and Saturday, October 22. Tickets are $15 per adult or $20 for a two-night pass. One-night passes for kids and teens 17 and under are $5. Advance tickets can be purchased at orleansurffilmfest.com.

Proceeds from the festival will benefit The Orleans Chamber Foundation. Since 1997, the Foundation has distributed more than $162,000 in scholarship money to students at Nauset Regional High School.

Hog Island Beer Co. is located at 28 West Road in Orleans. For more on the event, visit orleanssurffilmfestival.com or email orleanssurffilmfestival@gmail.com.

Wellfleet Oyster Festival Carries On Despite Recent Shutdown

Wellfleet SPAT Oyster News

Wellfleet OysterFest – The Show Will Go On
Safety Measures in Place to Ensure Public Health

The 16th annual Wellfleet OysterFest, produced by Wellfleet SPAT (Shellfish Promotion and Tasting, Inc.), will be held this weekend, October 15 and 16 from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. each day.

Due to a public health concern with shellfish in Wellfleet’s harbor – and in response to a closure issued by the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries (Mass. DMF) – SPAT has decided not to serve any raw shellfish at this year’s festival. The closure is not related to recent closures due to “ASP” nor is it Vibrio-related. The annual Shuck Off will go on with oysters sourced from outside, open shellfish areas.

“Public safety has always been our top priority, whether it be in crowd management or health issues,” says Wellfleet SPAT board member Alex Hay, who is also an owner of Wellfleet Shellfish Company, which chills and certifies all raw shellfish served at the festival following state regulations. “Not only is public safety our main concern, it is also in the seafood industry’s best interest, the town’s best interest and the Wellfleet brand’s best interest.”

“This is just one year of the ‘Fest and what we care about most is running a safe and fun festival,” says Michele Insley, executive director SPAT. “We also value the long-term sustainability of our town’s second highest revenue producer, shellfishing, so we are erring on the side of caution.”

While the OysterFest is famous for its namesake bivalve, food vendors at the event are dishing out a lot of other tasty treats. Try conch fritters, pumpkin bisque, fish tacos, roasted sweet corn, savory crepes, steamed mussels and even barbecue.

Attendees can also enjoy stunning range of arts and crafts, groove to live music by local performers, sip New England-made beers and wines and improve their knowledge through educational talks, panel discussions and film screenings presented by top experts in the marine sciences on current research and issues that affect our environment. And of course, the OysterFest’s most popular event, the Shuck Off contest, will go on as planned with the preliminary round on Saturday and the final on Sunday, both are at 1 p.m. Oysters from other towns that are open will be used.





5 Simple Things You Can Do for the Ocean

More than ever, the fate of the ocean is in our hands. To be good stewards, we need to make changes big and small whenever we can.

Want to make a positive difference? Here are five simple things you can do in 10 minutes or less to help protect the ocean—wherever you are.

We all want our Oceans thriving!

See the link below on how you can do your part.

5 Simple Things You Can Do For The Ocean

And as always, keep Livin’ Swell!