Terms and Conditions


While Sea Blue company will always try to accommodate employers as best as possible, there are certain regulations, warnings, and procedures that we would like all our customers to read prior to signing up for recruitment plans. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully below. Inability to comply with these terms may result in the termination of your job posting and even your entire account.

Hiring and Recruitment Policy:

Jobs posted on Sea Blue Company must comply with local, national, and international laws. These include but are not limited to laws regarding employment, equal employment opportunity, and eligibility requirements. Employers posting on Sea Blue Company must possess a valid Employer Identification Number. Postings on Sea Blue Company may NOT contain the following:

  • Required skills that are unrelated to the advertised job.
  • Misleading or false information.
  • Descriptions and information for more than one job, unless given permission.
  • Jobs or business memberships requiring upfront or periodic fees to job seekers.
  • Logos or any mention of companies that are unrelated to the job posting.
  • Marketing and/or promotion of products or services.
  • Advertising of companies or services that may be viewed as a competitor to Sea Blue Company.
  • Unauthorized links to websites unrelated to the job posting.
  • Password protected content or hidden pages and images.
  • Jobs or business opportunities that are pyramid schemes, club memberships, distributorship, or unapproved multi-level marketing.
  • Jobs involving any sexual services.
  • Profanity or otherwise inappropriate content.
  • Unless if in compliance with applicable laws, postings cannot require applicants to provide age, racial or ethnic origin, philosophical or religious beliefs, physical/mental health, sexual life, or the commission of criminal offences or proceedings.

Third Party Recruiters:

Third party / middleman recruitment companies may post jobs on Sea Blue Company as long as the posting complies with the hiring and recruitment policy above, and clearly states the employer and position that applicants are applying to. Third party recruiters may not disclose any job seeker’s information to companies without written permission from the job seeker themselves. Third party recruiters can write information regarding their company in their profile, but cannot promote/advertise their companies services through job postings.

Commission Based Jobs:

Employment positions that pay based on commission must abide by the hiring and recruitment policies above and clearly state the commission and the product/service the job seeker would sell. Any salary/payment policies must be included as well. Salary/payment policies include, but are not limited to, commission caps, factors that result in change of commission percentage, and factors that influence the eligibility of the job seeker to earn full commission.

Policies Regarding Sea Blue Company Recruitment Plans

Sea Blue Company bills and charges employers on a contingency basis. Sea Blue Company charges no upfront fees to any employers who enlist our services. Sea Blue Company will send an invoice as soon as the position has been filled by a Sea Blue Company referred candidate. Payment is due in full within one month from when the invoice is sent. Sea Blue Company referred candidates include any candidates whom Sea Blue Company first contacts and informs of the available position. Sea Blue Company will actively keep track of its candidates and the dates of contact. These records will be used to settle any disputes regarding whether or not the candidate filling the position is a candidate referred by Sea Blue Company. When Sea Blue Company networks positions, it will utilize its own job application form. This is to better keep track of which applicants Sea Blue Company refers to the position. Sea Blue Company can create customized application forms if necessary. Sea Blue Company will forward these application forms directly to the employer. Sea Blue Company will not charge employers if the position is filled by an applicant not referred by Sea Blue Company. Sea Blue Company will remove all filled positions from its website and networks. Every job must possess its own active recruitment plan. Sea Blue Company can terminate recruitment plans any time at its own discretion.

Policies Regarding Sea Blue Company Users and Content:

Unsolicited emails, mail, phone calls, and faxes to any Sea Blue company user containing information unrelated to the job posting are forbidden. Interfering with any of Sea Blue Company’s users or services in any form is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, harassment, altering posts, changing account passwords without permission, flooding, spamming, sending viruses, or any other form of malicious hacking. Postings, blogs, or any other content on Sea Blue Company cannot be redistributed, data mined, or used for commercial and/or public purposes, without our permission. Unpermitted attempts to detect or test vulnerabilities in Sea Blue Company’s system or security is prohibited. Violations of system or network security may result in civil and/or criminal liability. Sea Blue Company will investigate network/security breaches and may cooperate with law enforcement authorities in prosecuting those responsible for such violations.

Employer Disclaimer:

Sea Blue Company cannot guarantee that every job posting will be filled. While Sea Blue Company has access to several college and university as networks, we cannot guarantee that every college or university will be utilized. Sea Blue company has the right to choose which colleges and universities to network to at its discretion. Sea Blue Company will attempt to best accommodate the employer’s choice of colleges, however if one or more colleges are deemed unfit to network a certain job, we will not post it at that particular institution, and will inform the employer of the occurrence and why. Colleges and universities must approve job postings prior to their appearance on career service websites. Colleges and universities may approve jobs at their discretion, and Sea Blue Company is not responsible for any unapproved postings. If postings are unapproved, Sea Blue Company will inform the employer of the occurrence. Sea Blue Company is not responsible for any alteration of job postings that take place on other third party websites. Sea Blue Company will reach out to potential applicants who post their resumes and credentials in databases, however we cannot disclose job seeker information to employers without the job seeker’s written permission.

Applicant/Job Seeker Disclaimer:

Sea Blue Company will match job seekers to potential employers, however it is at the employer’s discretion whether or not to hire the job seeker. While Sea Blue Company can share job seeker information with written permission to employers, it is at our discretion whether or not we disclose any information. If you believe an employer is breaking Sea Blue Company’s hiring/recruitment policies, reach out to us and we will take the appropriate steps to address any breaches in our terms and conditions.


Sea Blue Company acts as venue and middleman network for employers and job seekers. Therefor, Sea Blue Company is not involved in the transaction between employers and job seekers. Sea Blue company will always try its best to connect honest employers with job seekers, however we cannot always guarantee that the people you contact are working for your best interests, so we ask that all users use common precautions when contacting users you have not met. When using Sea Blue Company’s services, you assume all risks associated with contacting and meeting other users. Note that when using Sea Blue Company’s services there are risks, including but not limited to physical harm, receiving contact from underage persons, and contact from people acting under false pretenses. Since Sea Blue Company is not involved in employer-job seeker contact or in control of any user’s behavior, Sea Blue Company is not legally responsible for any claims, demands and damages of any kind and nature resulting from disputes. Sea Blue company is not responsible for breaches in the quality, safety, legality, and accuracy of postings. Other people’s information may potentially be offensive, inaccurate, harmful, and mislabeled or deceptively labeled. Sea Blue Company will make efforts to remove postings and content that breach our terms and conditions, however we cannot guarantee that you will not come across content breaking these terms. Due to the difficulty in confirming user authenticity on the internet, Sea Blue Company cannot guarantee that every user is who they claim to be.

Warranty Disclaimer:

Sea Blue Company cannot guarantee that all of its services will operate error free, or that any content in our website and servers is safe from harm from viruses or other harmful computer hacking mechanisms. Sea Blue Company is not responsible for any costs or loss of services resulting from errors or malicious viruses/computer hacking.