Summer Solstice and a growing company.

Sea Blue Company is changing. Just like the seasons. Since our CEO is a student, he is constantly learning and changing. As his business partner/mentor I get to be part of the evolution. I learn everyday. There is change in the wind so stay in touch to see what course we are heading. Right now we have new customers and partnerships coming aboard. Check out the two new positions we just posted. Because at Sea Blue we want you Livin’ Swell!

Dive into Public Outreach at the Center for Coastal Studies!

Hey Sea Blue fans check out this cool volunteer opportunity at the Center for Coastal Studies.

Work as a public outreach representative, helping to operate our kiosk on MacMillan Pier opposite the Center’s dock where our research and rescue vessels are located. You will welcome visitors and talk about the Center’s marine research and conservation work. You will also recruit new members and sell merchandise.
Give back and add to your resume! Live Swell!


Daniel Gaines Sea Blue ‘s CEO is going to Clark University this Fall and bringing Sea Blue Company to the Entrepreneurship Program

Sea Blue Company has big plans so what better place for Daniel to go and our company to grow?
“What makes an idea grow into something real? What takes the “aha!” spark of creation and sustains it through the ups and downs?
At Clark University, we know it’s curiosity and confidence, with a healthy dose of “who says I can’t” mixed in. And we make it teachable, repeatable and scalable.” See the link to learn more.
Congrats Daniel!

High School Students Showcase Their Entrepreneurial Spirit | The Vineyard Gazette

For Ali Barlett’s Ravioli Empire, it all started last Christmas Eve, when she was making pasta with her family.

“We were talking about turning it into a business, and we were like, wow, we could just make raviolis. We could make piles and heaps of raviolis, it could be like an empire.”

The next step for the regional high school senior was a lot of hard work. Thankfully, she could do a lot of it in school.

Emma Kristal’s Coffee Boat is a full service, floating breakfast outfit. — Mark Lovewell
Ali’s Ravioli Empire is one of a 25 senior Capstone projects. The projects run the gamut from artistic endeavors to experimental research on gender stereotypes to a job placement service. The Capstone program lasts the duration of the second semester of senior year. Students dedicate three class blocks in their schedule to the pursuit of a passion. The process culminates in a research paper and presentation.

This year, many senior projects featured an entrepreneurial aspect.

One project, Daniel Gaines’ Sea Blue Company, is a fully operational online recruitment platform for entry-level positions. After having trouble finding internships on the Vineyard, Daniel came up with the idea to create a centralized platform for entry-level postings. His site shares job postings with educational institutions and other job boards to expand the networks of firms that are looking to hire. Currently, Daniel has collaborations with 71 colleges and universities, and he hopes to expand the business further as he continues to work on it in college.

He described the senior project as an invaluable experience that “teaches you certain skills that no class could ever teach.”

Jonas Lukowitz shows his artistic side. — Mark Lovewell
Four students are pursuing fashion-related business: Natalija Lakis produced a line of reflective pajamas intended to aid emergency responders in locating people in the event of a house fire, Eddie Rosado developed Bluff Clothing, which sells T-shirts and hats, Madison Csapo-Moreis designed Suits for the Sea, a line of swimwear she plans to sell, and Mary Morano created her own fashion line, Nori Clothing.

Food-related businesses were also popular this year. Through Ravioli Empire, Ali has navigated the ins and outs of getting licensed to sell her product, worked on sales and marketing and developed recipes through her senior project. Her love for pasta has more substance than just its al dente chew: “Growing up, my nana and papa have always made homemade pasta and ravioli for special holidays, and so now the fact that I get to do it really makes me feel connected to them.”

Emma Kristal also drew inspiration from food and family for her senior project. Emma’s Coffee Boat is a full service, floating breakfast outfit.

Eddie Rosado has the T-shirt and hat market cornered. — Mark Lovewell
“My dad is a really good chef and he taught me how to cook since I was little, and I like to cook,” she said. “I live right up the street from the water, and I’ve always loved the beach, always wanted to get my boating license, so it just kind of fit together.”

Emma conceived of the business last summer and test-ran it for two-and-a-half weeks. She has devoted her senior project to preparing for the coming season. From Memorial Day onward, Emma will motor around on a nine-and-a-half-foot WaterTender in Tisbury Harbor. When hunger strikes, seafarers can wave her over, text or call in their orders.

Emma said working on her Coffee Boat as a senior project offered “resources inside of the school to talk about it and ask questions and get help.”

But some issues don’t have easy solutions. “When it’s wavy and I stand up, sometimes I can almost fall out,” she said.

Senior project participants will deliver presentations on their experiences from May 15 to May 26. A full schedule of presentations is available on the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School website.

Ali suggested that everyone come hungry as she will provide samples.

Sea Blue Company’s CEO Daniel Gaines is competing at State Science Fair May 5th and 6th at MIT.

Daniel won a first place award at the South Shore Regional Science Fair and will be competing at the State Fair May 5th and 6th at MIT.

Six regions send their best projects (50-100) to compete at the state fair.

He researched a new potential treatment for cartilage overgrowth diseases using a virus that selectively kills cartilage and leaves all other cells unharmed. Could The CEO solve your staffing problems and cure Cancer? All I know is it is a privilege to mentor him because I learn so much. Go Daniel!! See the link to stay tuned. Keep Livin’ Swell Daniel!

Massachusetts State Science & Engineering Fair

WORLD OCEANS DAY IS 8 JUNE so start now and take the “Better Bag” Challenge!

Hey Sea Blue Fans! See the link below and commit to take on this challenge!
The Better Bag Challenge dares you to give up using plastic bags for one year to help protect the oceans. There is currently about eight million tons of trash that has been dumped into the oceans every year, according to National Geographic, and it is hurting and killing dolphins and other animals.

Cape Cod Regional Stem Network Career Event 5/5/17 at CCCC

Hey Sea Blue Fans! Interested in a Career in STEM fields?
Friday, May 5, 2017 for the STEM Career Event, presented by Cape Cod Technology Council, Cape Cod Community College, and the Cape Cod Regional STEM Network.
Want to Learn More:
– See more at:

Hey Sea Blue Fans this sounds swell! Send your student to SEA Semester at WHOI. Scholarships available for locals.

SEA Semester is the sailing adventure of a lifetime grounded in academic coursework. We invite students of all majors to combine classroom learning on shore in Woods Hole, Massachusetts with a transformative, hands-on research experience at sea. SEA Semester creates multidisciplinary learning communities that address the critical environmental issues of our time: climate change; sustainability; biodiversity; human impacts on the environment; and environmental justice.
Year-round residents of Cape Cod and the Islands should contact Dale Dean for information about SEA’s Cape & Islands Scholarship, a need-based scholarship for our neighbors. Financial aid applications are due by April 20, 2017. Awards are determined after acceptance to the program; recipients will be notified by email.

Livin’ Swell in Brewster. Sea Blue Company loves the Herring Run.

Sea Blue Company has two locations. The main office is in Historic Brewster.
This is one of the many swell things Co-Founder/CFO Maura loves about Brewster, MA.
Watching the herring as they travel up rivers to return to their place of birth and spawn is a miracle of nature, and one of the best viewing spots is the Stony Brook River located in Brewster.
The CEO Daniel lives in Edgartown, Marthas Vineyard, which he will share more about that cool spot soon.