Hey Sea Blue Fans this sounds swell! Send your student to SEA Semester at WHOI. Scholarships available for locals.

SEA Semester is the sailing adventure of a lifetime grounded in academic coursework. We invite students of all majors to combine classroom learning on shore in Woods Hole, Massachusetts with a transformative, hands-on research experience at sea. SEA Semester creates multidisciplinary learning communities that address the critical environmental issues of our time: climate change; sustainability; biodiversity; human impacts on the environment; and environmental justice.
Year-round residents of Cape Cod and the Islands should contact Dale Dean ddean@sea.edu for information about SEA’s Cape & Islands Scholarship, a need-based scholarship for our neighbors. Financial aid applications are due by April 20, 2017. Awards are determined after acceptance to the program; recipients will be notified by email.

Maura Smith

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